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No. 1, May 2006

In the first edition ever of El Norte we are pleased to present four articles, with topics ranging from Brazilian shopping centers to Central American regionalism.

In her article, Hanna Laako participates in the discussion about Latin America turning left. She sees that there are actually many contemporary lefts - in plural. And some of them are challenging the way the left has traditionally worked in Latin America. The key seems to be the strengthening of civil society in the region.



The Contemporary Lefts in Latin America: Responses to the No Alternative

By Hanna Laako

The Contemporary Lefts challenge the way that the Lefts have functioned in Latin America before.  


Shopping Centers: a construção de territórios de consumo na pós-modernidade

By Toni Eerola

Brazilian shopping centers are exclusive environments, made to guarantee a peaceful millieu for consumers of high and middle class people.  


Expresiones del nuevo regionalismo: El papel de la sociedad civil en Centroamérica

By Edgar Solano

The new regionalism of Central America is shaped by a stronger participation of the civil society. This change hasn't been fully understood by the regional bodies.  


Latinalaisen Amerikan stereotypioita

By Jussi Pakkasvirta

Latin America is kept in a post-colonial bind and therefore the outsiders still perceive it as the "exotic other".



 Notes & Reviews

Naistutkimusta Havannassa

By Sarri Vuorisalo-Tiitinen


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